Leads found from signals, not luck
We uncover buying signals from companies who need services like yours to boost your sales
Available sources
Job postings
Find leads based on job openings, responsabilities, tasks, competencies, technologies, tools, contract types, locations, company sizes, sectors, ...
Company creation
- Find companies that just opened for business
- Find companies that increased capital
- Find companies with new associates
Fund raising
- Find companies that just raised new funds
- Find companies that are looking to raise funds
What is Event Based Sales ?
Copywriting is important, but momentum is key
Identify compelling events
Choose the source where your targets show their buying signals and extract them
Use filters so that you only keep leads when they match your ideal customer profile
Define the person you want to reach out to inside those companies
Contact enrichment
Enrich contacts with absolutely all the information available about the company and person you target
Push the result to your favorite sales automation tool and/or send a CSV copy to any email adress
Find new leads with sales intent daily. Automate it, and focus on closing them.
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Signal type
Basic Signal
Custom Signal
Company enrichment
People lookup & Email discovery
Optional (+100€)
Sales automation integration
Optional (+100€)
Phone discovery
Optional (+200€)
CRM integration
On demand
On demand
Slack & phone
Dedicated CSM
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